Floor Polishing Services in Williston, ND

There’s a common misconception out there that only hardwood floors need to be polished. The fact is, however, any surface that’s not carpet likely needs routine floor polishing in Williston, ND to stay looking its best! At Pro Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing polishing services for vinyl, ceramic, linoleum and hardwood, to ensure no matter what surface you’re walking on, it sparkles.

Pro Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is an industry trained expert and understands the full measure of proper polishing and floor buffing in Williston, ND. This means you’re always going to get consistent results of the highest caliber.

floor stripping


Years of wax and polish can build up to have a detrimental effect on a floor’s finish. We work hard to strip away years of inferior work, to produce a clean slate for a high-quality finish.

floor sealing


Sealing your floors against organic growth, bacteria and other microbes is important in maintaining the integrity of your flooring. We seal everything thoroughly for peace of mind over the long term.

polishing floor with machine


We work with high quality polishes and use proven techniques to produce a shine that’s simply unparalleled. Our customers are amazed at how clean and luxurious their floors look when we’re done!

buffing floor


Need surface blemishes absolved from your floor to enhance its clean, pristine aesthetic? We provide buffing services that eliminate these minor abrasions, to restore your flooring to its highest level of appeal.

grout cleaning

Grout Cleaning

Bacteria and mold love to take shape in between floor tiles and other areas where grout becomes cracked and dry. Our experts will clean and restore your grout, eliminating growths to keep your flooring in top condition.

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If your floors are looking a little lackluster or have lost the shine and sheen that made them sparkle previously, get in touch with our experts today for more information about our flooring polishing and buffing services. We can be reached at 701-774-3024.

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